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Do you need my bank and credit card statement PDFs?

While Anchor is able to import your transactions and statements automatically, you can always upload your monthly statements to our secure portal on your membership site. Keeping your statements with us will ensure everything is organized and readily accessible.

Does Anchor support cash basis accounting and accrual based accounting?

Anchor only supports bookkeeping on a cash basis. This means that we record transactions as soon as the money has been deposited into your bank or charged to your bank/credit card. This is the easiest and most efficient way to manage your small business.

Alternatively, bookkeeping can be done on an accrual basis. In this system, revenues and expenses are recorded when they are earned, regardless of when the money is actually received or paid. Anchor does not support bookkeeping on an accrual basis.

What if I haven’t opened a separate business account yet?

We understand that getting a business up and running can be stressful and complex. It’s very common, early on, to use personal funds for business. Be sure to upload all your receipts to our secure portal on your membership site. Anchor will keep track of your contributions, so it will be accounted for in your financial statements.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely, you can cancel at any time.

Does Anchor provide catch up bookkeeping?

Yes, we can always add any catch up you need to get your books up-to-date.

Do I do my company’s bookkeeping using Anchor or are the bookkeepers at Anchor doing it for me?

All you need to do is to create an account with Anchor, connect to your bank through Anchor’s membership site and we will do the rest for you.

How do I know which plan fits my business?

Our fee structure is based on your business's revenue. We will let you know if you have outgrown your current plan and need to upgrade to our next level.

How can I connect with my bookkeeper?

The easiest way to connect with your bookkeeper is by text, but you can also message, email or call your bookkeeper.

Are my bank/credit card credentials safe?

We partner with Bank-secured vendors to ensure your login information is kept safe.

Do you outsource any of the work to overseas?

No, all work is done in our offices in Southern California.

Can my CPA or tax preparer contact my bookkeeper at Anchor if they have questions about the bookkeeping?

Absolutely, we are here to help you and everyone else on your team.

How often can I review my financials?

You will have full access at any given time to review your financial statements, but we will update your data on a monthly basis.

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